Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday the 1st

morning: walked for 45, Somatics. about 27 degrees for the walk.


warmed, rearranging the order of things to make a bit more sense, and adding 1 chin or pull up after each exercise. Was good.


chin x2
swing 35#x16
goblet 35#x5

on the 2:30, 4x.

access: beach scissors, blue band pressdowns, kneeling halos, curls. very beachy!

also: more work on bracing, while walking, sitting, and doing some Mc Gill exercises. See how it goes.

also, pt. 2: energy is terrible, time to add some carbs back in. been a few weeks of only carbs being salad greens (which amazingly are still coming on strong) and one quarter of a TJs 85% bar- which is like 8 grams a day, total. Not enough right now. Tonight, I'll grill a potato.

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