Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday the 12th

The continuing mutation of the template:

chin/swing 2/15 35#
push up 10
split squat 10
c/s 2/15 44#
cross crawl 10
waiters walk 35# x20 (still doing this as high knees)
c/s 2/15 44#
suitcase carry 53# x20 (high knees)
dbombs 10
c/s 2/15 53#
squat 20
thrusts 20
c/s 2/15 53#
table maker 10
row, blue 20 (this is a folded blue jumpstretch band, over the 53#, held in place with almost straight legs)
c/s 2/15 53#
rev lunge 10
cossack squat 10

floor press 53# x5/5, 44# x10/10 (one kb)
bent row, 53 x10/10, 44# x10/10

I think at this point I like what I have come up with- the template includes what I am viewing as 'foundation' movements. They cover a lot of ground, and are viable on their own. The more obvious 'strength' components- chins, dips, pike push ups, swings, goblet squats- get mixed in however makes sense based on how I feel. Coupled with dumping 99% of the dairy I was eating (several ounces of creak in the morning, cheese with lunch, ice cream on occasion) I have a very nice recomposition going on. Putting muscle back on, losing fat. No change on the scale at all, really, as I vary between 187-190 for the past six weeks or more. All is well.

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