Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday the 17th


push ups 20,17,10 ----tired, dips and the 75 or whatever from yesterday.
chins on rings 3x8 ----rings much nicer than the grips on my suspension straps. +1 for the new wooden rings from


knees to side
rev. bench
rev. pullover
cobra dog scorpions
dirty dogs
neck mobz
table maker
straight bridge
glute bridge with block
playing with plough/shoulder stand
playing with back bridge

no counting of anything, just working the positions and movements.

nice, just recovery day. Rings (smaller diameter, better grip) seem to have relived the stress on my right elbow).

Saturday the 16th


push ups: 15/15/17/16/16 = 79
chins: 5/5/5/5/5/5 = 30

most of the day away from the house, few chances to chin.

We went to Goodwill, and I saw it: grimy and discolored, it's chrome speckled with rust, I finally found what I have been looking for for a couple of months: a walker! $4.99! It's awesome, after a thorough cleaning. Totally stable folding dip station. I am pleased.

Also bought the rest of the pieces for the Reverse Hyper, and 6cu ft of peat moss for the garden.

work: roll, stick, quads a little rough, but pretty good. Consistency is yielding results.

TGU 1x18#, 1x26# pretty good.
Hip Thrust, elev. 20
1LRDL 5x18#, 3x26#, 3x35#, 3x44# not too bad...a little unstable, but not bad.
Band good mornings red 10, black 10, rr 10, rb 10, bb 10 ---2xblack is a good tension.
face wall handstands 4x30s should not have done the last one, too tired to come down smoothly.
walker dips 6/5/5

walked the dogs to cool down.

good, not spectacular, 7 of 10

Friday the 15th

AM walked the dog.

push ups: 23,20,14
chins, straps: 5,5,5,4
chins, bar: 5,5


roll, already warmed from doing shit outside.


mtn. climber (out) 10
groiners 10
OHS band squats 10
back lunge 10
cossacks 10
1 leg squat off step 10

x2 I realize looking at Croman and Wolverine that I have a condition factor of zero! I will think about correcting this. Later.

top position hold, strap 3x10s
hor. row feet above shoulders 3x5
hanging leg raise 3x3

good one. A little tired, but good 7 of 10 for 'kinda lazy, but not too shabby'.

Tuesday March 12th

AM push up w/ one hand on a basketball 14, 14, 10, 10
GTG chins, neutral grip on straps 3 reps 10 sets ---going easy, right elbow is not exactly sore, but talking a little about things. switched to the straps, which I've never done, tough! Callouses were getting aggravated.

Walked the dogs most every day, haven't been mentioning it. Usually about a mile.


rolled, nothing painful today!

frog stretch
supermans 4x10s
hollows 20,20,15,10s
plank, strict 30s

handstands, face wall 30s x3!
1LRDL 10, 10, 10

Good, easy, peaceful. Really pleased that the handstands are getting easier. Need to start looking at how to kick up into one.

Monday March 11

AM push ups: 20, 17, 15, 14 GTG chins 3 reps, 11 sets by 8pm..

This may take a bit to figure out how to record....I think I will add the GTG work either late in the evening or the day after, don't know how late I'll keep doing sets.

warm: foam roll, ball work, peanut, band dislocates, OHS, and chest stretch.

squats x10, 10 --SLOW hams to calves with a full stop, pause, and up again, 60 second bottom rest at end.
mountain climbers x10, 10 --feet to outside of hand, pulse, pulse, switch
groiners x10, 20
cossacks x 10, 20
alt 1lrdl x10, 20
1 leg squat off step x 7,8

strap push/row 10,10

kb rdl 35# 5, 5 --really slow, braced as hard as possible...this is where I'm hurting my back: I think I was so much stronger that I didn't have to work so consciously to brace. Now I lose the brace, position slips, and the old CNS shuts me down to protect the spine. Should be an easy enough fix if I can keep my head on it. So I'll keep my damn head on it! These were fine, but really tough to keep everything locked in tight.

band good morning 1x10 --just reinforcing the above.

YTL + face pulls x 5

very good. 8 of 10 for what it was

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday the 10th

Roll and stretch session, back hips and hams. The winner: piriformis! So damn sore I couldn't even touch it with the lacrosse ball...

Nothing particularly interesting except a set of squats with bottom position rest, then moving the feet a touch closer, repeat.4x10 with 60-90 seconds rest at the bottom of #10...felt great, nice on the back, knees crackly and creaky. This is a good one, I'll keep it.

Much assistance from the dog, cat going insane at the window- birds are making a nest on a downspout just outside her favorite place. Probably wont see her until fall except in the gym...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday March 9

back still achy, so took it easy.

push up 4x15 full rest between sets. In for some Somatics in a few minutes.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday the 8th

Recovery, mobility, skill

roll/ball/stick, legs, back, glutes. Todays winner, the left quad! Ouch!
frog stretch
shoulder bridge---test. yes, the low back is sore. not awful, just sore enough to be kind to.
Somatics for low back
supports on straps 6x10s ---these are very very hard.
bar depression pronated 2x4
bar depression supinated 2x4 ---these felt great, these and the supports are kept.
down dog
3 way wrist stetch
neck mobility, sitting on heels.

45 minutes. I'll be taking it easy on the low back, last set of KB swings yesterday back no likey.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday the 7th

Thursday the 7th

roll hips, legs, stick to the calves, serious knots, but loosening.


jumping jacks 100
dirty dogs 10 each direction
hollow hold 25s
shoulder rolls 35 ed
arm circles 50 ed
neck mobs hundreds! These feel so good right now, and I can see way behind me into the past! I saw Napoleon!
dbombs 10
table makers 10
hip thrusts 20
straight bridge 20s ---these are harder than they look. Damn you, Al Kavadlo!
bird dogs 30s es
tall kneeling halo 18# x20
TGU to high hips position 18# x3 es


ladders in 20m
chin 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,4,1,2,3,4 =39 ---that first 5 took it out of me.
push up 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4 =40 --feet elevated 9"

pike push up elev.18" ss/w horizontal body row 2 minutes rest 5x5

swings 12 reps EMOTM x6 ----the swings are too much on this schedule, I will either drop them for now or move them another time.

YTL + Face pulls x5

Very good, but the last set of swings felt no good on the last rep of the last set. Swings get deleted or moved. Maybe have 2 extra sessions of like 5 minutes of Compass with 6x10 with the swings

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday the 6th

- recovery, stability, mobilty and skill work...and core and stuff...

foam roll hips/legs/glutes, ball work glutes
frog stretch
HAM slow, 5 pulses on each side then into pigeon, hang out there 2x
swiss ball arches, extensions, hanging out
wall facing handstands 14/15/14s
crow stand 9/7/5s
hanging leg raises 4.5/5.5/4
compass- one solid pass on left leg...everything else too unstable. worked all the pieces, warrior III, and all the transitions. good approach.
ninja chops x10
lunge chops x10 (hardly qualified as lunges, but it's a start!
hollow hold 35/28s
planks f49/r37/l37- only got the l37 due to sheer bloody mindedness
cobra dog scorpions SLOW, full slow breath at each position 3/3 really forgot how much I love this. I think I'll do it everyday....
ankle dorsiflexion, sitting, shins on roller, slight rocking. Just playing with these, not sure what the best approach is, but this felt good.

8 of 10 for feeling, maybe 7 of 10 overall. Need to come up with a real, simple rating system.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday the 5th

Tuesday the 5th

Yesterday was a full rest day. Walked the dogs, visited the chickens, cleaned up three bookcases and packed up some books to bring to the house.

Today was my first morning workout in a LONG time.

foam rolled, added in the arm pit/side of torso rolls from Defranco's Simple Six. I meant add in the 45 degree band stretch too, but spaced it.


jumping jacks 100
dirty dogs 15 each side/direction
hollow hold 30 seconds --legs in the right low position, arms at sides
shoulder rolls 50 es/d
arm circles 50 es/d
neck mobz 300+ ----quick payoff on this work, huge series of adjustment last night, improved ROM today!
table makers 10
hip thrust 20 floor
bird dogs 45s locked down tight. plantar flexion cramps suck.
tall kneeling halo 5x10#, 5x18# these are great! can't recall where I saw them, but they really force you to move the weight around your head...keeper.
1/2 get up series. Neck ROM awesome. Much smoother all around. good. work up to 3/4 soon if this keep on like this.

Warm up took 23 minutes, going slower, working the positions. This was a very good pace.


chins ss push ups, with 2 minutes between, and 3 minutes before next super set. Strength test.

chin 9, 7, 5
push 19, 14, 10

Holy shit! Totally unexpected! Given that on 1/2 I was still doing band assist, and had been stuck at 6s for weeks...strength gains are rarely linear, though I often forget. So now we just keep on and see where we are in a month...this is good.


strap push/row, steep angles 4x10

YTL+Face Pulls x5

back lunge/ cossacks 4x12 ---need to remember that I have really short legs, and not step so far back/wide.
KBRDL 26/35/44/53 x5 ---nice patterning! The hinge is stabilizing after my last SI joint issue. Lots more to go.

This one was a 9 out of 10.
Took 40 minutes exactly.
Narrow focus works...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday the 3rd

recovery, skills, core

walked the dogs a mile this morning, about to head out again.

Foam roll hips, legs, ITB calves & quads OUCH!
Ball work calves & glutes
HAM (from Mountain Athlete)

face wall handstands 10s, 12s
crow holds 7s, 7s
hanging leg raise 4,3,3
compass 3x each side. Standing on left leg much more stable, got it clean. Right leg, closer. Leg heights, balance still need work. r6, l4-5.
ninja chops with light club, 10/10
plank series 40/30/34r
Cobra Dog Scorpion 6
bottom squat pry stretch
stretch pecs

All good, 30 minutes.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday the 2nd

Walk a mile with the dogs in the AM snow. Pretty! Also did this yesterday, and saw many deer.

roll tspine, hams, calves ITB, glutes
jacks x 50
ddogs 20/20
hollow hold 2x20s
shoulder rolls x50
arm circles x100
neck mobz x300
dbombs x10
hip thrusts 18" x20
bdogs 30s/30s
/2halo 10# slowly
TGU series to 1/2 5/5 getting smoother 18# still hinky on the right side, but better

took 18 minutes


chin/push up ladders 30 minutes

p2,4,6,8 x4
c1,2 =43
p2,4 =86

rest 5 minutes

swing 35# 10xEMOTM x7 -- was shooting for 10 sets but started to lose speed. working on explosion! No slow, no slop.

YTL+ face pulls 5x

stretch hips, back, groin, supine twist, Brettzle. Brettzle as unlovly as expected after more than a year.

Good session 7 of 10. After the third set of push ups, had to widen feet to get 6s & 8s. other than that, good. Kept tight on all chins and push ups, better plank/glute firing today.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March the 1st

recovery, skills, core:

foam roll, ball work, back, quads, hams, ITB (ouch), calves (ouch), glutes (2x ouch!).

hip stretches, ham stretches

face wall handstand 3x10 sec
crow holds 3x3 seconds
hanging leg raise 3x3
compass work, holding basketball
BB halos & chops, slow slow slow
sitting ankle dorsi
hollow holds 2x10s
plank series 30/15/15
Somatics for low back

Everything felt good except on cramp on 1st crow.

Compass is terrible, needs much work.