Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday the 3rd

morning: walk for a mile or so, Somatics, FF.

afternoon: rolled, FF, sticked a vicious calf knot. Then did the standard warmup with some variations:

split squat x20
cross crawl x10
push up x10
waiters 26# x25
suitcase 53# x25
squat x20
dbomb x10
thrusts x10
tables x10
row, blue x20
rev. lunge x30
dbomb x5
TGU 18# x6 --->something off from right/left sides...add in these very light everyday to se what's up.

work: 15 minute sets

chin 5/4/4/4/4 =21
pike 7/5/6/5/5 =28 elevated 24"

row 10/10/10/7= 37 black band
dip 6/6/6/7 = 25 black band

earth, keren ann.

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