Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday the 26th

See previous post for Template of workout.

46 minutes from warmup to end or work sets.
2 circuits with 4 minutes rest in between.

chin 4,6
goblet 35# 5,5
row 6,6
pike push 6,6
swing 35# 15, 15

tricep ext. x 15, assisted dips x7 (not in template, tsk tsk!)
rollout from knees x5


I came up with the Template after tweaking my neck doing an exercise that is on my currently 'banned' list...banned only because I tend to do myself harm, it a big list and most of the included exercises will someday return.

I decided to create my own version of a "Dan John Epic Warmup" to help keep me on track. Also, it makes programing very easy, as most critical movements get hit before I even get to the 'workout'. There were originally three versions of the 'workout' portion, but I am trying to embrace simplicity so I decided combine them all.

Should do me good as I move into being 46 next month.

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