Saturday, January 26, 2013

Template for now to March 1st

Foam roll back, hips, ITB, piriformis, FF upper back, Legs to sides.

1. waiters walk high knees x20 each side
2. cross crawl x10
3. split squat x10
4. push up x10
5. squat x10
6. chin x easy
7. hip thrust x20
8. crappy push up x10
9. table maker x10
10. D-bomb x10
11. reverse lunge x10
12. row x5
13. TGU x6

Work: Sets and set structure will vary.

1. Chin x Hard
2. Goblet x Hard
3. Row x Hard
4. Pike x Hard
5. Swing x Hard

Finish: plank series, kneeling ab wheel, Hanging Knee Raise, crow stand, walk the wall to handstand, bridge, reverse push up. Pick one or two.

Cool down: FF upper back, stretch hips, chest, hamstrings, Somatics. Sit quietly 5-10 minutes.

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