Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday the 7th

Morning: half hour or so of Somatics practice from MWP.


Warm with squats, figure 8's with a 5# plate (thanks Frank Forencich!), cros chop to halo with a 10# plate, club swipes, swings, H2H.


1L Hip Thrust
Side Squat
Bench Dip
Chin (black band)
Push Up, feet elevated

all for 6 reps, chins for 5, 3 rounds. Ended with a 45 second plank. 31 minutes.

Made this one shorter as I felt fairly 'off' know how sometimes you can feel yourself adapting, and it feels good? And how sometimes it does not feel good? This was the later!

Stretched hips, hams, calves, chest.

MANY thanks to Martha Paterson for Move Without Pain!

Los Natas, El Hombre Montana

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