Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday the 16th

My wife wanted some coaching on a couple lifts, so I warmed up while working with her. Ended up doing:

Press (bar) 80# 3x5

Then finished my warm up with a few 1ldl, split squats, HAM, and 20 hip thrusts. I decided the main session would be chin/push up ladders. I kept the push ups at 5 as that seemed like a good number.

Chins, red band:

SO I ended up with 36 chins and 75 push ups.

Finished up with:
1 arm DB raises 13# x20/15/10
1 arm db curl 23# x15/15/15/8

I expect soreness. Kyuss, Donnas, Sahara Hotnights

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