Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday the 3rd

Really fine day!

Woke up and felt outright GOOD.

After tea spent ten minutes in the studio doing whatever came to mind- high knees to hands, shadow boxing, the some simple leverage club swings, then some H2H with the club. Forgot how much I used to love tossing around the shot put I kept in the storeroom at my last job. Miss that hunk of iron! It's in good hands back in Seattle, however.

Realized it was almost summery so took the dog out for a walk through the woods, to the cabin. Fed the chooks and the dogs there, collected eggs and headed back on the road. Took about an hour and a quarter, really pretty and good to get around on some rough terrain.

Just finished up about 20 minutes of correctives & simple yoga, mainly hamstrings and hip openers. Good day.

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