Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday the 5th

In the morning: half hour or so of Somatics practice from Move Without Pain- exercises 7-13. I am just working my way through the book to get comfortable with all the new exercises.

Late afternoon:


tgu 4x26#
gs 4x5x35#
swing 4x15x35#


Circuit, 3 rounds of 8

1 leg RDL
1 Leg Hip Thrust
Side Squat
Step up with 18#
Bench Dip
Body Row (straps)
Push Up (1 hand on block)

All straight through, not alternating sides (on things like lunges and hip thrusts),
3 circuits, 8 reps each exercise. Last set I stopped on 6 on the push up as #7 was unlikely to be pretty and #8 would have been outright UGLY.

Good session, hard. I this the lunges are too much for my right knee, or at least were today. I will keep an eye on it.

About 70 minutes from warm up through ribbons

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