Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recap of first sessions.


Prep with PFP exercises.

TGU 3 x18#
Goblet Squat 3x5x26#
Swings 3x10x35#


Split Squats 4x8
1 leg RDL 4x8

Push up on straps 7,7,7,8
Row on straps 7,7,5,6

Planks 30/30/30 ('s been so very long) x2
strap fallouts x6

Good. Took an hour. Really long, but good. INcredibly shaky on the 1 leg stuff. Will be adding exercises as I progress.


PFP exercises, stretching.


Prep with PFP exercises.

TGU 3 x26#
Goblet Squat 3x10x26#
Swings 1x20, 1x18x35#--stupid on this haven't been swinging and slight twinge in front left hip. Stopped there. Will reduce reps and increase sets for awhile.


Split Squats 4x10
1 leg RDL 4x10

Push up on straps 4x10
Row on straps 10,7,9,8 how hard these are is a sign on a long bad season....

Planks 30/30/30 x2
strap fallouts x10

This was good. Still an hour, but steadier on the 1 leg work, getting there. Did a bunch of light resistance band work during breaks from the lower body stuff as my right arm was not feeling 100%. Seemed to do the trick, no issues during the session or after.

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