Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday the 10th & Tuesday the 11th

Monday: Somatics exercises, about 20 minutes.


Morning, walked overland to the cabin, then past h0me to a neighbor via the road, then back home.



PFP exercises plus HAM from Mountain Athlete, then:
Outside hand to hand swings 18# x10, 26# x10
Bottoms up press 18# x2, 26# x2
Goblet Squat 18# x10, 26# x10, 35#x10

Work, circuit

Chin 3,4,4,5
SLDL 18#----all others for 8 each.
HK Raise
Push Up
Split Squat 18#

about 24 minutes, followed by:

pike push up 7,6
A few bridges, neck work with red band

Good work, portishead.

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