Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday the 6th

- recovery, stability, mobilty and skill work...and core and stuff...

foam roll hips/legs/glutes, ball work glutes
frog stretch
HAM slow, 5 pulses on each side then into pigeon, hang out there 2x
swiss ball arches, extensions, hanging out
wall facing handstands 14/15/14s
crow stand 9/7/5s
hanging leg raises 4.5/5.5/4
compass- one solid pass on left leg...everything else too unstable. worked all the pieces, warrior III, and all the transitions. good approach.
ninja chops x10
lunge chops x10 (hardly qualified as lunges, but it's a start!
hollow hold 35/28s
planks f49/r37/l37- only got the l37 due to sheer bloody mindedness
cobra dog scorpions SLOW, full slow breath at each position 3/3 really forgot how much I love this. I think I'll do it everyday....
ankle dorsiflexion, sitting, shins on roller, slight rocking. Just playing with these, not sure what the best approach is, but this felt good.

8 of 10 for feeling, maybe 7 of 10 overall. Need to come up with a real, simple rating system.

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