Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday the 3rd

recovery, skills, core

walked the dogs a mile this morning, about to head out again.

Foam roll hips, legs, ITB calves & quads OUCH!
Ball work calves & glutes
HAM (from Mountain Athlete)

face wall handstands 10s, 12s
crow holds 7s, 7s
hanging leg raise 4,3,3
compass 3x each side. Standing on left leg much more stable, got it clean. Right leg, closer. Leg heights, balance still need work. r6, l4-5.
ninja chops with light club, 10/10
plank series 40/30/34r
Cobra Dog Scorpion 6
bottom squat pry stretch
stretch pecs

All good, 30 minutes.

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