Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday the 5th

Tuesday the 5th

Yesterday was a full rest day. Walked the dogs, visited the chickens, cleaned up three bookcases and packed up some books to bring to the house.

Today was my first morning workout in a LONG time.

foam rolled, added in the arm pit/side of torso rolls from Defranco's Simple Six. I meant add in the 45 degree band stretch too, but spaced it.


jumping jacks 100
dirty dogs 15 each side/direction
hollow hold 30 seconds --legs in the right low position, arms at sides
shoulder rolls 50 es/d
arm circles 50 es/d
neck mobz 300+ ----quick payoff on this work, huge series of adjustment last night, improved ROM today!
table makers 10
hip thrust 20 floor
bird dogs 45s locked down tight. plantar flexion cramps suck.
tall kneeling halo 5x10#, 5x18# these are great! can't recall where I saw them, but they really force you to move the weight around your head...keeper.
1/2 get up series. Neck ROM awesome. Much smoother all around. good. work up to 3/4 soon if this keep on like this.

Warm up took 23 minutes, going slower, working the positions. This was a very good pace.


chins ss push ups, with 2 minutes between, and 3 minutes before next super set. Strength test.

chin 9, 7, 5
push 19, 14, 10

Holy shit! Totally unexpected! Given that on 1/2 I was still doing band assist, and had been stuck at 6s for weeks...strength gains are rarely linear, though I often forget. So now we just keep on and see where we are in a month...this is good.


strap push/row, steep angles 4x10

YTL+Face Pulls x5

back lunge/ cossacks 4x12 ---need to remember that I have really short legs, and not step so far back/wide.
KBRDL 26/35/44/53 x5 ---nice patterning! The hinge is stabilizing after my last SI joint issue. Lots more to go.

This one was a 9 out of 10.
Took 40 minutes exactly.
Narrow focus works...

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