Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday March 11

AM push ups: 20, 17, 15, 14 GTG chins 3 reps, 11 sets by 8pm..

This may take a bit to figure out how to record....I think I will add the GTG work either late in the evening or the day after, don't know how late I'll keep doing sets.

warm: foam roll, ball work, peanut, band dislocates, OHS, and chest stretch.

squats x10, 10 --SLOW hams to calves with a full stop, pause, and up again, 60 second bottom rest at end.
mountain climbers x10, 10 --feet to outside of hand, pulse, pulse, switch
groiners x10, 20
cossacks x 10, 20
alt 1lrdl x10, 20
1 leg squat off step x 7,8

strap push/row 10,10

kb rdl 35# 5, 5 --really slow, braced as hard as possible...this is where I'm hurting my back: I think I was so much stronger that I didn't have to work so consciously to brace. Now I lose the brace, position slips, and the old CNS shuts me down to protect the spine. Should be an easy enough fix if I can keep my head on it. So I'll keep my damn head on it! These were fine, but really tough to keep everything locked in tight.

band good morning 1x10 --just reinforcing the above.

YTL + face pulls x 5

very good. 8 of 10 for what it was

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