Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friday the 15th

AM walked the dog.

push ups: 23,20,14
chins, straps: 5,5,5,4
chins, bar: 5,5


roll, already warmed from doing shit outside.


mtn. climber (out) 10
groiners 10
OHS band squats 10
back lunge 10
cossacks 10
1 leg squat off step 10

x2 I realize looking at Croman and Wolverine that I have a condition factor of zero! I will think about correcting this. Later.

top position hold, strap 3x10s
hor. row feet above shoulders 3x5
hanging leg raise 3x3

good one. A little tired, but good 7 of 10 for 'kinda lazy, but not too shabby'.

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