Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday the 2nd

Walk a mile with the dogs in the AM snow. Pretty! Also did this yesterday, and saw many deer.

roll tspine, hams, calves ITB, glutes
jacks x 50
ddogs 20/20
hollow hold 2x20s
shoulder rolls x50
arm circles x100
neck mobz x300
dbombs x10
hip thrusts 18" x20
bdogs 30s/30s
/2halo 10# slowly
TGU series to 1/2 5/5 getting smoother 18# still hinky on the right side, but better

took 18 minutes


chin/push up ladders 30 minutes

p2,4,6,8 x4
c1,2 =43
p2,4 =86

rest 5 minutes

swing 35# 10xEMOTM x7 -- was shooting for 10 sets but started to lose speed. working on explosion! No slow, no slop.

YTL+ face pulls 5x

stretch hips, back, groin, supine twist, Brettzle. Brettzle as unlovly as expected after more than a year.

Good session 7 of 10. After the third set of push ups, had to widen feet to get 6s & 8s. other than that, good. Kept tight on all chins and push ups, better plank/glute firing today.

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